Five trends that could impact global small caps

From increased volatility to decreased analyst coverage, we highlight key areas to watch

The only constant is change — and the global market is certainly proof of that. As we assess our outlook for the rest of the year, we see several potential changes that could impact international small- and all-cap funds. Here are the five trends we anticipate having the biggest effect — and the ways the Invesco International and Global Growth team is poised to respond.


‘Relative’ performance: Why we see potential in family-owned small caps

Dividends, conservative management among the benefits of family-owned firms

Jason Holzer

Investors largely concern themselves with traditional publicly traded firms – many of which are controlled by large, institutional investors. Often overlooked are companies that are owned by families and have a portion of their shares available to investors. These family members frequently have controlling interest in the firms that their parents or grandparents (or even they themselves) founded, and have made running these legacy firms their life’s work.

In general, we at the Invesco International and Global Growth team believe the family-run approach can lead to attractive opportunities for our small-cap strategies. Here’s why.