Despite lower GDP growth, European earnings may accelerate in 2019

Brexit uncertainty has captured the headlines, but we are constructive on quality growth holdings

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For months, Europe has grappled with geopolitical uncertainty in the form of ongoing Brexit negotiations (which face a looming March 2019 deadline) and Italy’s populist coalition government. In this environment, UK companies have appeared less likely to invest — which could lead to lower European growth levels next year.

So what do Brexit doubts mean for our team’s Earnings, Quality, Valuation (EQV) outlook for the UK and eurozone? Let’s begin by dispelling three myths about the area.


European equities may benefit as cycles diverge

Europe looks more fairly valued than the US, and has good earnings potential

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Markets around the world experienced the return of volatility during the first quarter of 2018, as central banks tightened policy and the specter of a trade war grew. Despite these pressures, the European market may offer the most opportunity.

Notwithstanding the well-publicized Brexit negotiations and a coalition stalemate in Italy following that country’s March elections, I can’t recall political risk in Europe being this muted for a long time.  And, while I believe we’re in the very late innings of the US bull market, an argument could be made that Europe is in a different stock market cycle, without the same level of froth and extreme valuation.1