Are emerging markets turning a corner?

A tough fourth quarter led to a solid January, and valuations remain compelling

Time to read: 2 min

The fourth quarter of 2018 was negative for both emerging and developed markets. However, we saw emerging market headwinds start to ease toward the end of the year, thanks to stabilizing currencies, lower oil prices, lower inflation pressures and progress in the US-China trade conflict. In fact, EM stocks rebounded strongly in January, yet valuations have remained at a discount to developed markets. All told, we believe there are compelling opportunities to be found in emerging markets.


Emerging markets sell off in the second quarter

Trade tensions, macro concerns and a strong US dollar add volatility and possible opportunity

Time to read: 3 min

By any measure, emerging markets (EMs), as represented by the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, had a tough second quarter, dropping 8.7%1 in US dollar terms and significantly trailing developed markets. The underperformance was mainly driven by macro concerns, trade tensions and election uncertainties. Taken together, these had a negative impact on consumer and business confidence, as well as growth forecasts. However, while we don’t expect a quick resolution to these issues, the Invesco International and Global Growth team continues to find attractive EM opportunities through our bottom-up Earnings, Quality and Valuation (EQV) approach.