What’s under the hood of US REITs?

The case for active management in US REITs today

Time to read: 4 min

The accommodative monetary policies implemented by the US Federal Reserve after the global financial crisis have contributed to a broad-based, sustained economic recovery. However, during the past four years there has been a notable divergence in corporate performance among the US real estate investment trusts (REITs) we cover, with some deteriorating significantly. Given this trend, as well as the late stage of the US economic expansion, Invesco Real Estate believes active management is essential to find opportunities among higher quality REITs and potentially avoid those companies which may be most exposed to further deterioration.


Alternative investments for the real world

How alternative investments may complement different portfolio objectives in various market environments

Time to read: 3 min

My last four blogs have defined alternative investments, explained why I believe investors should consider them, discussed performance expectations and outlined how to deploy alternatives in a portfolio. In this final installment of my series, I will apply these lessons to the current volatile market environment and discuss which alternatives may be able to help in various scenarios.

Below, I’ve listed several common investor portfolio objectives. While there are no guarantees that performance will meet expectations, each objective is paired with an alternative strategy that may help investors meet specific goals. 


Selecting an alternative strategy

How to incorporate alternatives into a portfolio

Time to read : 4 min

I’ve written this summer about the potential benefits of alternative investments. Let’s assume that readers of my previous blogs agree that my ideas have some merit and it is time to diversify into alternatives (alts). The devil is always in the details. Of all the different alt funds available, which is best for a given investor? And where does it fit in a portfolio? In this blog, the fourth in my series explaining the basics of alts, I will suggest a process that may help investors select the best alternative strategy for their objectives.


MLPs: A light at the end of the pipeline

Master limited partnerships may be poised for a turnaround

Time to read: 4 min

The master limited partnership (MLP) asset class has experienced considerable volatility since 2014, with many individual securities trading well off previous highs. However, the Invesco Real Estate team believes there has been a dislocation in MLP pricing, resulting in value and opportunity in the space.


The long runway for infrastructure spending

The world needs more roads, airports and cell towers — and the private sector is poised to help

Time to read: 4 min

Infrastructure is not a glamorous topic — it isn’t satirized on late-night TV, nor is it trending on social media. But the need for increased infrastructure investment is real across the globe. Given expected demographic trends, disruption by new technology and insufficient spending in the past, we at Invesco Real Estate believe infrastructure-related companies could be poised for decades of growth.


How alternative investments may help improve returns while reducing risk

What to expect from the performance of alternatives

Time to read: 2 min

Given the market turbulence experienced so far in 2018, I am not surprised that interest in alternative investments (alts) has picked up. For anyone trying to figure out how to incorporate alternatives into a portfolio, it’s critical to have proper expectations about their performance and how that might differ from traditional equities and fixed income.