Social Security trust funds projected to run dry by 2034

The recent Social Security trustees report calls for congressional action to keep the program solvent

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On June 5, the Social Security Board of Trustees released its annual report on the long-term financial stability of the Social Security trust funds. The report found that the combined asset reserves of the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance and Disability Insurance (OASDI) are projected to become depleted in 2034 (the same finding as last year’s report), with 79% payable at that time (slightly higher than last year’s projected 77% figure).


Three ways a 529 plan could help your star student earn their stripes in college

A 529 plan can be a powerful tool in your college savings strategy

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Every year, Americans celebrate Independence Day with a host of time-honored traditions. From parades and pool parties to barbecues and fireworks, the American flag is a constant fixture throughout the day, its stars and stripes waving proudly against the summer sky. This July 4, I’m reminded of another special tradition: flying the college flag.


How do summer jobs affect 529s and financial aid?

Your teen’s summer gig can prepare them for the future — and help them save for college

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Longer days and warmer weather can only mean one thing: Summer has finally arrived. As another school year comes to a close, your teenager’s calendar may be filling up with beach trips, pool parties — and perhaps a summer job.

Your teen may be focused on the opportunity to earn a little extra spending money, but I believe a job does more than keep kids busy during the dog days of summer: It can set up young adults for a lifetime of success down the road. These days, employers tend to favor candidates with experience over education, and summer jobs add to their resume. A resume packed with work experience can offer a powerful complement to your child’s college degree (as well as a competitive edge) when they begin their career.

Looking at the big picture


National 529 Day: Comparing college costs, then versus now

College costs are on the rise, but a 529 plan can help you be ready for the future

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The month of May is filled with celebrations: Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, graduations — and of course, one of my personal favorites: National 529 College Savings Plan Day. Held each May on the 29th (of course), the holiday was originally created to raise awareness of the benefits of 529 plans and the importance of saving for a college education. If you ask me, it’s more than appropriate that this holiday is celebrated in May; after all, you never know how much college costs may rise in the future.

A lot has changed over the years …


Three college savings lessons I learned from my mother

This Mother’s Day, I’m sharing some of my mom’s most valuable financial advice

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Sunday, May 13 is Mother’s Day. At this time of year, I think fondly of my own mom and the enduring lessons she taught me. Her words of wisdom were a guide through many of the most important stages of my life, including the college savings journey — both for myself and for my own children. In the spirit of the holiday, here are three of the most valuable financial lessons I learned from my mother: