Video: What can long and short equities do for your portfolio?

Part of Invesco’s High-Conviction Investing series

Wilson_Donna_Chapman_sm_150dpi_RGBA “long” position in a stock is designed to benefit when that stock’s price rises, while a “short” position is designed to benefit when a stock’s price falls. By including both types of positions in Invesco Long/Short Equity Fund, we seek to achieve positive returns in a variety of market conditions. In the video below, I explain how our strategy works.


Video: How does a high-conviction approach translate to commodities?

Part of Invesco’s High-Conviction Investing series

Wolle_Scott_sm_150dpi_RGBMany investors include commodities in their portfolio in an effort to hedge against inflation — but can they offer investors attractive long-term returns as well? We believe that potential exists, but it requires a deep understanding of each type of commodity, as well as a sharp focus on risk management.

Invesco Balanced-Risk Commodity Strategy Fund combines a focus on key near-term drivers and long-term return sources that seek to help investors capitalize during periods of inflation without sacrificing total return potential.

In the following video, I dive deeper into Invesco’s balanced-risk commodities strategy, including:


Video: Searching for a fund that targets a positive return with lower volatility?

Part of Invesco’s High-Conviction Investing Series

Millar_David_sm_150dpi_RGBI like to say that a high-conviction approach means investing in ideas — ideas that span locations, currencies, asset classes and market sectors. This priority on ideas over assets informed the creation of Invesco Global Targeted Returns, a strategy comprising 20 to 30 long-term investment ideas within one risk-managed fund.

By finding independent sources of return, the fund emphasizes a flexible approach to long-term investing and seeks to minimize volatility. In the video below, I explain the methodology behind our strategy, including how we strive to:

  • Identify and combine long-term investment ideas that will work together in a single fund.
  • Manage risk to deliver a lower-volatility return over time.
  • Introduce additional, independent return sources, beyond traditional stocks and bonds.

Video: Looking for an equity strategy that minimizes market volatility?

Part of Invesco’s High-Conviction Investing series

Wilson_Donna_Chapman_sm_150dpi_RGBInvesco All Cap Market Neutral is a high-conviction strategy that seeks to minimize investors’ exposure to market movements, and deliver returns that are generated from our stock selection ability. We believe this type of strategy helps to reduce equity market volatility, which is a concern for many investors. In this video, I outline several aspects of this strategy, including details about:

  • The characteristics we look for when making investment decisions.
  • How we attempt to mitigate risk.
  • Why investors might consider market neutral strategies.

Video: Are returns possible in a down market? A balanced-risk strategy might be the key

Part of Invesco’s High-Conviction Investing series

Wolle_Scott_sm_150dpi_RGBInvesco Balanced-Risk Allocation Fund is an actively managed portfolio of strategically weighted stocks, bonds and commodities selected on the basis of their long-term return prospects, diversification potential and liquidity. In the video below, I discuss our strategy’s three goals to provide return potential and help defend against the type of significant losses that can derail an investor’s long-term objectives:

  • Prepare — Invesco Balanced-Risk Allocation Fund is diversified to include assets that we expect to perform well at different stages in the economic cycle, even when equities struggle.
  • Protect — Portfolio weights can be adjusted to pursue additional upside while seeking to protect long-term returns on the downside.
  • Participate — By seeking to defend against major losses, the fund attempts to provide investors with a smoother path toward reaching their financial goals.